In the advertising agency world, client-agency relationships are always a hot topic, perhaps a source of immense stress or amazing partnerships. Recently, mobile UX designer Murat from London blogged: “Can The Next Instagram/Hipstamatic/Klout/Angry Birds Be Born Within An Agency?”

Here’s a little secret – creatives and developers are ITCHING to do cool, innovative stuff and have great ideas every day. Some of these ideas might just be your agencies ticket to new clients, press, talent or revenue.

So in an industry where clients seem to be king, can agencies peel away from that work and try to function as a start-up? Create the next “big thing?”

In response, the ever-so-eloquent Tim Malbon—founder and director of a digital agency called Made By Many—blogged: “We should all do a start-up project and change the world.”

He makes you think BIGGER than agencies and brands. Read on, my friends.