Wired’s Corner-Store Critique in summary (and why this project is awesome):

  • People from around the world submit stories about their local corner store
  • Wired editors select submissions and take them through the digital publishing process
  • Wired posts the edited stories on their site for all to read.

What’s unique about this project:

  • Zip files containing the authors’ original submissions are attached to each post
  • Wired editors summarize the quality of the copy and photographs, and offer constructive criticism for the authors

A corner store can be romanticized to no end – it can trigger a nostalgia for a neighborhood, a feeling of comfort and familiarity, and it’s something that is shared by just about every community in the world. The coolest thing about the Wired project is that they build on this romanticism by, in a way, crowd sourcing their contributions. In return, they take the aspiring writers and photographers through the editing process, and readers like me have the privilege of being part of all of it.