Shortly after reading a VentureBeat article about IBM’s new experimental computing chips modeled on the human brain, I came across an Adam Ostrow Ted talk on post-mortem social media profiles. While I don’t think IBM is necessarily creating chips to model our online behavior after we die, the juxtaposition of these two articles is a little chilling. Just take these two quotes for example:

“IBM’s so-called cognitive computing chips could one day simulate and emulate the brain’s ability to sense, perceive, interact and recognize — all tasks that humans can currently do much better than computers can”  - VentureBeat

“And I think as that happens, it’s going to become possible for our digital personae to continue to interact in the real world long after we’re gone thanks to the vastness of the amount of content we’re creating and technology’s ability to make sense of it all.” – Adam Ostrow

Cool? Scary? To me, it’s a bit of both. Just think, 100 years ago, Taft was president, the Mexican Revolution took place, and Orville Wright stayed in the air for 9 minutes and 45 seconds….amazing how the world can change in just a century….